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We are back! A new podcast episode is now live!

It has been a while since we published the last episode of the Sustainable Lighting Design podcast, back in 2022. Now we are back with a new episode in which we summarize the results and main conclusions of the "Sustainable Lighting Design" project and review the reasons that led us to launch this initiative years back.

The project, funded by Bertil & Britt Svenssons Stiftelse, aimed to deep dive into the different factors that would contribute towards having healthy living environments with minimal environmental impact from the interdisciplinary perspective of a lighting designer and a daylight and environmental design specialist. By focusing on four main key areas; energy efficiency, health and well-being, light pollution, and circularity, all of which are important to consider during the building’s design process, the project has produced and compiled the information using different formats useful for architects, engineers, specialists, and other project stakeholders.

In this episode we look back at the inspirations and challenges along their journey, from the very beginning of the project, through the podcast and up to the publication of the book. We also talk about the project continuation, their future plans and share how the project has been perceived by the public.

The full outcome of the project has been published in a book format and is available for free online here and for purchase via Amazon here. Listen to the episode here:

This project is carried out by lighting designer Isabel Villar & sustainability specialist Maha Shalaby as part of a research-in-practice project on sustainable lighting design.

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