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Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Light, both natural and artificial, plays a crucial role in the creation of sustainable built environments with people in focus. By working closely in interdisciplinary teams, we can create lighting solutions that are respectful to our environment and that provide the best possible lighting conditions, fitted for humans needs.

Sustainable lighting design implies a design that is sustainable for the planet and all living creatures in it. A design that considers natural light, energy consumption, health, wellbeing, light pollution and the lighting system’s impact on the environment, including life cycle assessments and the optimization of the design itself.

There is a huge potential for informed lighting design planning, a process that integrates daylight and electric light as well as all aspects stated above. However, the access to this information is nowadays limited and good examples are difficult to be found.

Through this project we aim to investigate deeper the available design tools and latest findings on light, sustainability and health. We will summarize the parameters to later propose when and how they can be integrated into our lighting design strategies.

The outcome of this investigation will be a compilation of state-of-the-art knowledge and tools targeted to lighting specialist including facts, guidelines and references for the development and planning of lighting schemes with strong focus on well-being and sustainability. A new guide for the future of lighting design.

Credits: image1, 2 - unsplash , image3 - Isabel Villar

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