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Episode 9 is now live!

✨ May 22nd is celebrated as the International Day for Biological Diversity, a day dedicated to enhancing understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues. ✨ 

Today, we are thrilled to present a new episode of the Sustainable Lighting Design podcast, featuring Dr. Franz Hölker, leader of the Light Pollution and Ecophysiology research group at the Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB) , and Associate Professor of Zoology at Freie Universität Berlin Berlin. Since 2009, Franz has been investigating the effects of artificial light at night on a wide range of biological processes, from gene expression to ecosystem functioning.

In this insightful episode titled "Light Pollution Mitigation: Bending the Curve of Biodiversity Loss" , we engage with Dr. Hölker in a discussion about the adverse effects of artificial light at night (ALAN) on a wide array of living organisms, ranging from fish and bats to insects. We delve into the alarming statistics regarding the decline of insect populations in Europe, explore the consequences of this trend, and discuss strategies to mitigate the detrimental impacts of ALAN on biodiversity. Additionally, we examine the phenomenon known as the "vacuum cleaner effect," debate whether spectral calibration could be a viable part of the solution, and discuss how collaborative efforts with the citizen through "citizen science" can be a part of the solution . 

Enjoy!  🌟 

Isabel & Maha

This project is carried out by lighting designer Isabel Villar & sustainability specialist Maha Shalaby as part of a research-in-practice project on sustainable lighting design.

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