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New podcast episode!

Happy new year everyone! We are starting off 2022 with the 7th episode of our podcast on sustainable lighting design featuring Lisa Heschong!

In this episode, Lisa shares her practical and research experience on daylight, electric light and views out. We discuss some of the research findings that she tackled in her new book “Visual Delight in Architecture” and dwell on stories on the importance of views, especially for children and when designing schools.

‘‘I would love it if all electric lighting designers were very well versed in daylighting analytics and would approach the building first as a daylit space, and understand that during the daytime, the primary role is to supplement and complement daylight.’’

Lisa Heschong is an architect and founding principal of the Heschong Mahone Group (HMG), a building science consulting firm, where she led groundbreaking research showing the relationship between daylight and student test scores, retail sales, and office worker performance. Lisa is also the author of the renowned book Thermal Delight in Architecture, and the most recently published book Visual Delight in Architecture, along with many groundbreaking technical publications about daylighting and energy efficiency in buildings.

You can listen to the 7th episode here:

You can find Lisa's book Visual Delight in Architecture here.

This project is carried out by lighting designer Isabel Villar & sustainability specialist Maha Shalaby as part of a research-in-practice project on sustainable lighting design.

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