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Sustainable Lighting Design Podcast

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

We will record a series of interviews and share them as podcast as part of our research-in-practice project on sustainability in the lighting design field. Our focus areas for the interviews are health & wellbeing, energy efficiency and climate impact of lighting systems.

We believe that sharing information harnesses the power of the collective genius, leading to innovation. And that together we can push our profession towards a more sustainable development at a faster rate.

In our first episode we interviewed Marie-Claude Dubois associate professor at the Department of Architecture and the Built Environment at Lund university in Sweden and an expert on sustainable design at White Arkitekter. She recently published the book ‘Daylighting and lighting under a Nordic Sky’ a student’s literature book that touches on qualitative and quantitative aspects of light. In this interview, we will start by discussing some of the sections in the book that are connected to light quality and then further dive into energy efficient strategies for optimizing light in buildings.

You can listen to our first episode on spotify.

This project is carried out by lighting designer Isabel Villar & sustainability specialist Maha Shalaby.

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